Collaboration with Alumil

Alset is an authorized partner of Alumil for the construction of its upgraded systems applying all the technical specifications set by Alumil. We create entirely quality products with care for people and the environment.

Alumil Profile

Alumil today is the largest industry for the production of aluminum profiles in Greece and one of the five most important in Europe. The extrusion of aluminum and the production of a wide range of aluminum products is its world.

Almost from the very first moment that aluminum entered our lives, Alumil was involved in the development of its applications, with the result that its name is identical today with the evolution of aluminum in Greece.

Today the Alumil group, employs 1,700 employees, has 7 state-of-the-art production units in Greece, 5 factories abroad, 21 subsidiaries worldwide and sales networks in 45 countries throughout the Continent.

It operates in 6 main sectors, producing :

  • Aluminum Architectural Systems (for window constructions, as well as any architectural application)
  • Industrial profiles (for aeronautics, automotive, etc.)
  • Automation (doors, elevators, roller motors)
  • Sun protection – shading products
  • Types of interiors (interior doors, security doors, space dividers, etc.)
  • Plastics (fittings, polycarbonate sheets, polyamide profiles, etc.)
  • Composite aluminum sheets (J – Bond)
  • Research and development of uses of composite materials

With the philosophy of the triptych “innovation, dynamism and strong human relationships“, we invite you to the world of Alumil to get to know its products, but also to get useful information about the different types of frames that are available and to help you choose the one that best suits your needs.

Alumil, the largest group of manufacturers of window profiles in Greece and one of the most advanced in Europe with:

  • 50 Engineers who can directly help you in choosing the right window typology.
  • More than 2500 partner manufacturers throughout Greece for immediate construction and installation of windows.
  • Over 500 exhibition spaces throughout Greece where you can see our products and be informed.
  • Technical support and training of partners / manufacturers and your own Engineers.
  • Years know-how and one of the largest departments of Research and Development.
  • Certified products in International Institutes in Europe and America.
  • The most modern industrial units in Europe.
  • Production of components of its systems.
  • Modern paint shop with mechanical equipment, the latest technology for unlimited choice of colors and wood paints.
  • Over 30 different systems for each architectural application and cost requirement.
  • Extensive sales networks in 45 countries and 4 Continents, and participation in the construction of branded buildings.