Roller Systems

Roller Motion

Alset offers three options for moving the roller shutters to choose the one that suits your needs.

  • Belt drive: The belt drive is mainly used for the movement of lightweight aluminum shutters (polyurethane and extruded), as it can “lift” rolls up to 12 kg. In special cases of aluminum rollers heavy type up to 18 kg, a gear mechanism can be installed and lift up to 20 kg.
  • Crank movement: The crank movement is ideal for rolls up to 30 kg. We use it when we do not want electric movement or the roll is relatively heavy. Available with detachable or fixed control rod.
  • Electric motor drive: The electric motor wired or wireless is used to drive all roller systems. The drive with an electric motor has the ability to lift rollers from 8 to 215 kg. Alset uses Somfy motors, known worldwide for their quality and reliability, while providing a guarantee of good operation to the customer for up to 5 years.

At the same time, there is the possibility for both wireless and wired motors to stop when they find an obstacle. Especially for wireless motors with automation, Alset offers many possibilities of grouped or separate movement (to move many rollers simultaneously or separately) with multi-position remote controls.

However, one of the most advanced technologies used by Alset to electrify rollers is remote control. How is this done? You can control your roller coaster via the internet: upload it and download it even if you are miles away.

Electric motor drive is the most technologically advanced proposal in terms of roller systems, however our company also proposes the addition of a crank, which is the only solution in cases of power failure when our motor does not work.


As technology advances, we are constantly designing new products and using automation to continually improve our customer experience. In particular, in the roller shutter and garage door systems we can apply the following automations:

  • Remote controls: Suitable for remote control of the roller shutter or garage door without wires. Most of them are placed outside the box and allow us to group rolls. With single or rolling codes for greater security. There are remote controls in various designs, single-channel or multi-channel for operating multiple devices or groupings. At the same time, you can choose remote control receivers that are placed inside the box for aesthetic reasons.
  • Air and light sensors: The sensors are both wired and wireless. The shutter moves automatically without user intervention when it detects the amount of light or air we have set.
  • Photocells: They monitor the space under the roller and when they detect any movement or obstacle they reverse the movement of the roller or immobilize it.
  • Security devices: Specifically, it is the release box, which is placed outside the box and covers the crank so that no one can access it when the roller is placed outside.
  • Special switches: Switches, wired or wireless, are available in different designs and colors and for different functions (for example timers).